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Hey there! I am Jess Frost, The Highly Sensitive Coach. I am a Nottingham, UK based 1:1 Empowerment and Transformation Coach who thrives by empowering Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) and Empaths to stand in their highly sensitive power. I have a BSc in Psychology from Warwick University, NVQ in Leadership and breakthrough coaching. I have recently qualified in Time Line Therapy, and I am currently training within Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP), offering a wide range of coaching tools to help people manage their mind and thrive. 
After 15 years working with Recruitment and Corporate Events I realised that my work life was out of alignment with my current values and purpose, and was negatively impacting on my energy and health. Through investing in various coaches, mentors and training, I reaffirmed that my purpose is to coach and mentor others. I also help facilitate virtual peer support programmes surrounding employee mental health and wellbeing.

As an INFP personality type, empath and highly sensitive person, I understand first hand the importance of protecting our energy and putting our wellbeing at the forefront.
I have learnt first hand the incredible impact of investing in coaches and doing the shadow work to heal and transform, and I cannot wait to pass this magic onto my future clients.


Jess Frost
The Highly Sensitive Coach

Coaching for Highly Sensitive Women

"Transformation isn't about becoming someone new, it's about coming home to yourself. Empowering yourself to live your life authentically and wholeheartedly." - Jess Frost




Investing in your self development and your transformation does not mean changing who you are. It’s coming back home to yourself. The perfectly imperfect, authentic, sensitive YOU. The unfiltered, courageous you who speaks their truth and stands in their power. Who dares greatly, embraces vulnerability and makes decisions based on love not fear. Who do not outsource love or validation, as everything they need is right there inside of them.

Who thrives in their sensitive superpowers and honours their beautiful big emotions.

  • Have you been told that you are ‘too sensitive’, ‘too emotional’, ‘too dramatic” or ‘too intense’?

  • Do you feel that your sensitivity is misunderstood and you struggle to communicate what you need?

  • Are you lacking in confidence and self belief to make changes and strive for your goals and dreams?

  • Do you feel frequently stressed and overwhelmed?

  • Do you feel like there is never enough time to recharge and that you are constantly energetically drained.

  • Do you feel the weight of the world and find yourself worrying about everyone? Even people you don’t know?

  • Do other people’s moods affect you dramatically?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and overstimulated most of the time?

  • Is your mind always busy, juggling many thoughts at once and you struggle to unwind at the end of the day?

  • Are you numbing out as a way to calm down and relax?

What if I told you the following is possible…..


That you can stand in your sensitive superpowers, unapologetically. Living a life that you have only dreamt of thus far. With a toolbox of self-care tools to navigate the rollercoaster of life and protect your energy.

My 1:1 coaching programme empowers you to show up as your authentic, highly sensitive self, and build your own toolkit for the future. Empowerment coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy can have a powerful impact on so many areas including:

  • Clarity on values, purpose and goals

  • A clear plan of action to work towards key goals

  • Mind management

  • Limiting belief and behaviour removal

  • Emotional freedom and resilience building

  • Energy management and self-care rituals

  • Alignment and abundance 

  • Inner child healing & reparenting

  • Codependency recovery

  • Improved confidence and ability to speak your truth

  • Improved self-love and self-belief

  • Money mindset work

  • Toolkit to quieten your inner critic and reduce self-sabotage

  • Healthier relationships and communication

  • Anxiety reduction

  • Boundary setting

  • Alignment with the universe to manifest your dreams and make them a reality

You will navigate your incredible self-development journey with me by your side; keeping you accountable and cheerleading you every step of the way.

Anything is possible, we are in this together.

My 1:1 coaching programme is 3 months long and includes the following;

  • Welcome gift and self-awareness tools

  • 90 min session to clarify values, purpose and goals

  • 2 hour timeline therapy session - working with the unconscious to help release core negative emotions from the past.

  • 4 x 1 hour coaching sessions using breakthrough coaching techniques and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques to remove limiting beliefs and behaviours that unconsciously hold you back.

  • WhatsApp/Voxer coaching support Mon to Fri.

  • Tailored reading and podcast recommendations.

  • A tailored human design reading OR access to Josh Connolly's 'Inner You' programme (inner child work and emotional freedom breathwork).

  • Tailored meditations and hypnotherapy.



You will have access to my energy, and I will hold a safe space for

you to be open, vulnerable and authentic. I will walk by your side as you

embrace the transformation process.


The NLP, hypnosis and time line therapy are powerful additions to my coaching

that help remove unconscious blocks and help you

achieve your goals more effortlessly.

Virtual coaching available, as well as face to face at The Sage Therapy Centre in Nottingham, UK.

Sounding good? Applications are currently being taken for a May 2022 start.

Click on the link below to complete my application form!

I will then be in touch to arrange a free of charge call if I feel we could be a good fit.

Working with Jess was honestly like a breath of fresh air in my life.

Jess has such a lovely warm energy that it made it easy to open up, and I always came away from our sessions feeling positive and excited about the future.

After three months together,

I feel like an upgraded version of myself!

Thank you Jess x

"Jess brings an incredible energy wherever she goes. She will give you her undivided attention and safe space to unravel. She brings sound expertise and knows when to push me outside of my comfort zone."

”Jess is brilliant. She fully understands how to be and hold space for a highly sensitive person and empath. I feel completely safe, held and challenged

in the best ways. I highly recommend

Jess as a coach.”

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My mission

Hey there! My name is Jess Frost, a Nottingham, UK based 1:1 and group Empowerment Coach for Highly Sensitive People and Empaths. After 15 years within corporate sales recruitment, I realised, through regular burn out, that my work environment and career path were no longer serving me or my sensitivity. I was permanently exhausted, frustrated and stuck. I knew that I wanted to use my skillset to help others wellbeing, but I didn't know where to start or what action to take to get there as my confidence was on the floor.

Fast forward to the present time, after investing lots of time, money and energy in my own personal development, I now dedicate my career to helping HSP's and Empaths to cultivate self awareness, confidence/self belief and empower themselves to start taking action towards the life they dream of. I know the incredible value that hiring a 1:1 Coach has and I absolutely ADORE being able to hold space and coach my soul mate HSP clients as my full time role now. 

Our sensitivity really is a superpower, and our strength if we learn to manage our mind, energy and self care rituals.

Trained in Psychology, NVQ in Leadership, Breakthrough Coaching Methods, Neuro Linguistic Programming to remove limiting beliefs and behaviours, Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping (EFT), Hypnotherapy, as well as Time Line Therapy to remove old core negative emotions from the past.

Anything is possible, we are in this together x


Interested in working with Jess Frost - The Highly Sensitive Coach?

Nottingham, UK