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My Story

Hey there! My name is Jess Frost, a Nottingham, UK based 1:1 and group Empowerment Coach for highly sensitive women. 

For years I struggled with the burnout cycle. I threw myself into a career and lifestyle that enabled me to distract me from the pain and emotions that I was bottling inside. I was a chronic people pleaser who struggled with crippling codependent tendencies, and would naturally fall into the 'fixer' and 'rescuer' role in my relationships. Despite all of these things, I was a high achiever and wore many masks to hide the 'real' me, whoever she was.

Over time, I developed 'coping strategies', however there was only so before I would erupt in an emotional outburst, like a shaken coke can.

In 2017, I experienced what I can only describe as my dark night of the soul. Enough was enough, my body was telling me that I couldn't go on the way I was. 

I began my own healing journey with the help of holistic coaches, therapists and group programmes. I began to shed the many layers of armour that I had donned for my entire life. I began to start feeling the emotions I had shamed for years, fell in love with my sensitivity and integrated the many different 'parts' of myself. I got to finally meet the authentic me who has been desperate to break free, along with nurturing the wounded little me who was so desperate for safety and to feel seen. I got to break free for codependency and shame and was able to form relationships based on meeting my own needs and healthy communication and boundaries. I was free.

The empowering path inspired me to provide the same life changing support that I had experienced myself. I trained in breakthrough coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy and EFT, along with educating myself with numerous courses to become more trauma informed. 

I help women to find themselves and emotional freedom. Allowing them to show up in this beautiful, messy world imperfectly, as they start to peel back the layers of themselves and cultivate the confidence and resilience to show up authentically.

I also help sensitive entrepreneurs and business owners to build their businesses around their sensitivity and soul care. Building a sustainable business where energy is protected and creativity flows.

I am exploring new and exciting ways to invest in my professional development, with the no.1 being Emotional Freedom Breathwork Practitioner - watch this space!

My mission is to help as many sensitive women realise their worth, and to start protecting their beautiful sensitivity with soul care and emotional freedom. I want to create safe spaces for us to show up EXACTLY as we are and allow our beautiful emotions to flow, as they are meant to. Spaces where we feel safe to lean on the support of likeminded peers and grow together.

Anything is possible, we are in this together x

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